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Which Intakes are preferred by Indian Students intending to Study Abroad?

One of the most baffling question for students choosing to study abroad is which intake they should go for. With so many countries offering number of intakes to choose from, it becomes more imperative than ever to choose the intake which offers exhaustive program options as well as ensures that there is no gap in education.

Let us look at a few countries and our advice on which intake most Indian students should prefer.

1. Australia and New Zealand
Preferred Intake: July
Mainly chosen by Indian students because number of programs available in July intake and also after the CBSE or State Board results are out in May, the gap in the education is nullified. Moreover, both Australia and New Zealand offer world class education, safe and secure cure environment and favourable immigration policies which makes them a preferred choice for Indian Students.

2. Canada and the USA
Preferred Intake: January and September
Canada’s September intake offers all the programs at colleges and universities although January is quite popular with Indian students as well. In case the student fails to acquire required band scores in IELTS and misses the September intake, January is the way to go as most colleges offer extensive range of programs.

3. United Kingdom
Preferred Intake: January and September
All UK Institutions offer September intake as it is the primary intake. But a few universities do offer January intake as well which suits most undergraduate and graduate students to choose UK for higher education. Moreover, with the introduction of 2 years Post study Work visa, the UK is attracting more international students than ever.

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