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Six Major Reasons for a Student Visa Denial to Canada

It is no surprise that Canada is one of the most popular study destinations. With state-of-the-art education system, easy visa regulations for international students, remarkable career opportunities, and beautiful landscapes, there is hardly any country that can offer so many experiences as Canada does.

And since the country is much sought-after, it isn’t uncommon that visa applications don’t pull through for a lot of students. A huge volume of applicants aspire for and apply to the country, which of course results in a surplus of visa rejections every year. However, there are always strong reasons for it.

The Canadian government has specific laws with regards to a student visa. And if any step is skipped or not adhered to, immigration officers may not find your application fit for further processing.

If it is your first time applying for a student visa to Canada, here are those common denial reasons you must know.

1. Missing LOA

It is extremely important to obtain a letter of acceptance (LOA) from your host school or university before applying for the visa. And be mindful, that has to be a registered Canadian educational institution. If you meet minimum entry requirements for it, your acceptance letter is issued. In case of any discrepancies, the authorities can hold the LOA back and your visa application gets a rejection.

2.Insufficient Finances

Every program states the minimum level of balance a student must have in his bank account. That is for building a surety in your ability that you can support yourself financially. Your bank statement or certificate is a mandate as evidence that you can afford to pay for travel expenses, tuition fees, and day-to-day living while studying there.

3.Incomplete Documents

Your visa officer would need your travel or identity paperwork, including a valid passport, recent photos, and properly completed forms to determine if you are legally admissible to the country. Any blank spaces or lack of proofs would be detrimental to your application and of course, increase the chances of rejection.

4.Incompetent English Language Skills

All the international students are first required to prove their language proficiency to enter the country. They have to meet the minimum standard test score in TOEFL/PTE/IELTS exam. The score requirements can be different from one program and university to another. Without qualifying these exams, the study permit cannot be issued.

5.Poor Academic History

To enroll with a good college in Canada, you must have a record of good academic performance in the past. Your English language ability, IELTS scores are also key factors to focus on. Any void can hinder your application process.

6.Relevant Program and Background

This is the case in most visa refusals where a student’s past qualification and experiences don’t match the program he or she is interested to pursue. You may meet the requirements of the college or the program but if it not relevant to your background, your visa may get rejected.

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