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Seven questions you should ask yourselves before you decide to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a life changing experience. If you talk to anyone who has studied abroad, they will tell you that it is an enriching phase of life where you become part of a foreign culture and you change for the better. You get to meet people from all walks of life, get to understand different cultures, learn to cook a new cuisine, and even learn a new language! It becomes more crucial than ever to ensure that you choose your destination and university wisely to make most of your study abroad experience.

Before you take the plunge, ask these seven questions to yourselves that will help you in choosing the right university, the right way.

Question 1 - Which country?
Some people might like winters, some might be into the tropics! Snow or Sun? Mountains or Beaches? Fish and Chips or Poutine? Sub-zero temperatures or balmy afternoons? Choose whatever floats your boat because it is a lifelong decision.

Question 2 - Which Program?
Does that interest you? What are entry requirements? Does the country of your choice offers the program? One of the most important aspects of your decision is to choose what you want to study, what all subjects sound interesting to you, and what all areas you can excel at.

Question 3 - Which University?
Want to study in a top ranking institution? Check the rankings on QS Top Universities or Times Higher Education. Make sure to go through the subject rankings as well. What facilities your chosen university offers? Does the university offer any extra-curricular activities? Are you into sports? Shortlist a few universities and compare. Pick the one which ticks all the boxes.

Question 4 - How much it will cost? 
Another important factor. Whilst a certain university might tick all the boxes but the fee may be out of budget. Check if they offer any scholarships, always wise to apply for one. What are the living costs? How much is the accommodation going to set you back for? You can find loads of info on living costs on the internet and even compare living costs in different cities. Check if you’ll also be able to work part-time while studying so you can manage your daily expenses easily and also gain some professional experience.

Question 5 - Which intake? 
The intakes in universities abroad differ from the ones in India. Consider your current situation – does it allow you to gather everything and apply for the upcoming intake? Applying to a university requires collating all your documents such as Statement of Purpose, Curriculum Vitae, and Transcripts. Decide well in advance.

Question 6 - What are the student visa guidelines? 
Check for the visa entry requirements of the destination you are interested in. Each country has a different set of rules and sometimes visa processing may take more time than expected. Also, visa processing costs vary for each country.

Question 7 - Are there any future employment opportunities? 
Understand the industries that are open for you to for employment opportunities once you’ve completed your program. Will the course do justice to your life plans or not? Will you be able to get a post study work visa to gain valuable international experience?

We hope this answers most of your questions. If not, get in touch with us today to book a FREE one-on-one session with our experts. Our counsellors are equipped to offer unbiased and professional advice to choosing the right country and university. Head to now!