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Permanent Residency

A world class education system, one of the most liveable countries in the world, a truly multicultural society, and access to ample employment opportunities. Canada ticks all the right boxes which makes it one of the most favoured destinations in the world to immigrate to. Canada has lured people from all over the globe owing to its pristine environment, world class facilities, and reputation for being one of the safest countries on the planet.

Why become a Permanent Resident of Canada?

Many aspirants choose to study and subsequently attain work permit and permanent residency rights but Canada also attracts a number of professionals each year through a number of programs aimed to attract high talent from all over the globe. Here are the few benefits to become a Canadian Permanent Resident,
Right to study, live, and work anywhere in Canada indefinitely
Access to world class social benefits
Right to apply for Canadian Citizenship after a certain period of time
World class education for your children
Ample employment opportunities
Canadian cities are rated most liveable in the world

How do I apply?

Canadian Permanent Residence application can be subdivided into five broad categories,

1. Express Entry
Express Entry is a point based system which allows workers to apply for Permanent Residence in the country. The points largely depend upon Education, Work Experience, and English Language Proficiency.

2. Business
Aimed at people who possess considerable experience in starting, managing, and running a successful business.

3. Family Class
Canadian Permanent. Residents or Citizens can sponsor their families to immigrate to Canada through the Family Class program.

4. Canadian Experience Class
Students or Professionals already in Canada can apply for Permanent Residency under the Canadian Experience Class program.

5. Provincial Nominee Program
Also called the PNP, is for skilled immigrants who can contribute to the development and economy of a specific province or territory.

How can we help?

With years of experience our team of experts will handhold you throughout the process like your Global Guardian. Our services encompass but are not limited to, Profile Assessment and Eligibility Review Education, Work Experience, and
National Occupational Classification (NOC)
Advice and assistance with English Language Proficiency
Education Credential Assessment (ECA) Assistance
Assistance with Financials and Employment
Assistance with Provincial Nominee Programs
Pre-departure briefings

Why choose us?

At BNPS International, we believe in offering unbiased and honest advice with complete transparency and in a friendly, professional manner which is reflected in our track record. Here are top 5 reasons you should choose us.
We are certified by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India to offer immigration advice and services
As per the Canadian Law, our company is represented by an ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) certified immigration lawyer
Our services extend all the way to Canada with our office presence in Vancouver
We assist with securing employment with Canadian employers as per government wage packages
Our experts are also equipped to advice you on life in Canada post arrival.