“BNPS INTERNATIONAL made my entire journey really smooth and predictable”

-Komal Bhatti

  • India to Australia
  • Under-Grad. Degree
  • 7.5 Band

“Managed to spread her wings and fly to Australia before the world came to a stand still, She received acceptance on her Study Visa early in March."

Following her experience and journey in her own voice.

Hi, my name is Komal Bhatti and I hail from Amritsar. It has been my dream since school days to live and make a career abroad. And when I think of it, Australia is one such country that seems like a perfect match for me. So, I had my overall IELTS band score of 7.5. After this, I started looking for someone who could guide me for shortlisting universities with the right course structure. I approached quite a lot of agencies but the only answer I received was that my study visa will be postponed till the year end because of the Pandemic all over. Then, one day I came across BNPS International’s story on Instagram telling of its study visa programs.I immediately contacted them and here I am today, In Australia while you all are reading about my journey.

How was your experience with the other consultants?
I have visited the top consultants from Amritsar for my study visa application, but only got disappointments. With BNPS International, they focused a lot on counselling me and directing me to the best universities and courses as per my interest areas and accordingly applied for a couple of universities in Australia on my behalf. They guided me through the complete application process and kept it very transparent. They worked on my SOP and applied to five universities. They made the entire journey really smooth and predictable. And that was something even my family members were surprised by.

B.I five Step Process for you to study Abroad


B.I’s Need Assessment


Career Mapping with Global Guardian


Documentation & Offer Letter


Financial Planning & Visa filling


Orientation and post arrival support

Did you have apprehensions before trusting a new agency like BNPS International?
Initially, yes I was but these apprehensions were removed by the response of the counsellors I was dealing with. With BNPS International, I raised my queries and the team responded promptly. So, the less time taken by them in answering my queries, faster my apprehensions went off. Regular follow-ups were given by the team regarding the applications and they highlighted things which were pending from my end, as the deadlines were approaching. Gradually, the entire process was streamlined by the team members.

How are BNPS consultants different from other agencies?
They took care of all small details of the process. It was not like I got the study visa and I am off their list, but even after that they took care of me. Conversations confirming my flight tickets etc. to post arrival support in Australia. From choosing the right course and applying in the Universities to bring me to Australia, they took care of everything, Most importantly, I felt taken care of. And because of BNPS International, I could firmly quote, When a door closes, a window opens. It's an old philosophy, and the pandemic hasn't changed it.