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How we make IELTS easy for you?

While, the IELTS language certificate can open doors to many international academic and professional opportunities, it is not as difficult as many anticipate it to be. We, at BNPS International make every step achievable for you to ace the IELTS test in just 4 simple steps • Assess  • Familiarise  • Practice  • Regularise.

Let us get your IELTS prep off on the right foot.

1. We ‘Assess’ your weak areas: At BNPS International, our IELTS experts assess your English skills, understand where you stand, and determine where you need the most improvement. 

2. We ‘Familiarise’ you with the test pattern: Our experienced in-house trainers know what exactly an examiner looks in your speaking and writing tests and accordingly tailor your best possible study plan.

3. We ‘Practice’ the right methodology: Our campus makes it a mandate to make English your habit. Reading, writing, watching all in English makes a big difference.  

4. We ‘Regularise’ your study plan: Our trainers make sure to set aside sometime each day to practice the 4 parts of the IELTS test.

What makes our IELTS Prep different?

By different we mean humane. We understand that sitting for an IELTS test may bring anxiety and uneasiness to most students and we at BNPS international believe in handholding them from start to finish through the test prep process like ‘Guardian’.

• Customised Preparation Plans: Every student is different and we mean it quite literally! Our prep plans are customised according as per student level to ensure that every candidate develops the language skills naturally and is able to achieve the desired score.

• Curriculum developed from scratch: Whilst most IELTS prep programs revolve solely around practicing the test material readily available in the market, we have devised a world class curriculum prepared by leading educationists and trainers keeping in mind the student goals.

• Trainers who understand you: All trainers are equipped to prepare you for the test but BNPS International trainers are trained to understand and evaluate each student on their progress individually. They ensure that the test prep program is delivered effectively, impart necessary skills, and offer tips and tricks to ace the test with flying colours.

• Simulated Test Environment: We strive to tackle the pre-exam jitters faced by the students by recreating test environment at our state of the art centers. We ensure that our students are able to shed their inhibitions and apprehensions prior to the day of the test.

IELTS Tips and Tricks

Reading tip

Attempt all questions, there are no penalties for incorrect answers, so you have nothing to lose.
It is always advisable to develop good reading skills as the test challenges you to complete the
questions in time!

Speaking tip

Try to turn the question around so that the topic is close to you and you can tap into your experience to answer it.
Ensure you don't have memorised answers and don’t fret about your accent.

Writing tip

Manage your time! Remember task 2 brings you twice as many points as task 1. 
Don’t waste time counting the number of words. Count the number of lines and estimate the word

Listening tip

If you miss a question, don't panic because you may miss the answer to the next one. So, if you miss one, move on.
Always check the number of permissible words for each answer before you jot down the answer in your sheet.

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