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How much it costs to study in UK

The quality of Education in United Kingdom is considered as best in the world. Internationally recognised universities, quality education, unique culture, post study work provision, scholarships and financial support, and a strong research infrastructure makes UK an ideal place to study.

Studying in the UK gives you the chance to experience a multicultural environment, meet fellow international students and develop a range of desirable skills that are necessary to be part of today's global workforce.

Let us look at how much it will cost to study in the UK!

What are the average living expenses for Indian Students?

• For Indian students staying in London, an average of £1265 per month is required as living expenses.
• Indian students staying in other parts of the UK require a minimum of £1015 per month as living expenses.

Annual living costs for Indian students in the UK may therefore add up to £10000 - £15000 in addition to their tuition fees. It may be noted that the living expenses also depend on your lifestyle, choice of accommodation and spending habits.

What is the average Annual tuition fee for Undergraduate and Postgraduate program in the UK?

Annual Tuition fees for international  student in UK for undergraduate and graduate degrees generally range from £15,000 - £25,000, depending on the selected course of study. It should be noted that universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Imperial College London, and UCL have higher tuition fee.

How does UK fare with other countries?

For Postgraduate programs, studying in the UK turns out to be cheaper than most countries as the Master’s Degrees are generally for 1 year. For Undergraduate programs, UK is at par with Australia and United States but definitely expensive than Canada or New Zealand.

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