“BNPS International is there for you, they are not counsellors they are your Guardians.”

- Asmi Khungar

  • India to London
  • Under-Grad. Degree
  • 7.5 Band

“ With her dedication and a helping hand from BNPS experts, she is on her way to pursue a Bachelor’s Program from King’s College London!"

Following her experience and journey in her own voice.

Hello, my name is Asmi and I am a student at Pathway School Noida. I had always harboured an aim to study at one of the top universities globally with a clear goal in mind to work with leading Humanitarian Welfare organisations in the near future by earning a degree in Sociology or Social Work.

I started preparing for my applications quite early and I took counselling sessions from numerous Study Abroad Consultants in New Delhi with a plethora of questions in my mind. My counsellor at BNPS listened to my goals and aspirations carefully, answered all my queries, and today I am on my way to pursue a Bachelors program in King’s College London.

How BNPS International handled Asmi's case (Notes of the counsellor)?

Asmi came to us with a clear goal in mind but was confused how to go about it. She has a lot of questions regarding the program, its contents, university life, and her future career trajectory. With the help of our experts and trainers, Asmi scored a 7.5 in IELTS and secured her seat in a world top 100 university.

We believe that we answered all her queries well and we wish her all the best for her future!

B.I five Step Process for you to study Abroad


B.I’s Need Assessment


Career Mapping with Global Guardian


Documentation & Offer Letter


Financial Planning & Visa filling


Orientation and post arrival support

How BNPS International assisted Gursevak in pursuing his dreams to study abroad?
They guided me in every possible way and fulfilled my abroad dreams.

The best part about their core team is when they counsel a child, the needs of the student is their topmost priority. 
In my case too, they analyzed my weak areas, studied my personality and based on my abroad aspirations, they mapped out a complete improvement program for me.

• A program that was comfortable and easy to understand for me.

• A program that was in sync with my strengths, weaknesses, and career aspirations.

Practice makes a man perfect and keeping that in mind, I got myself enrolled in their - IELTS PREPARATION CLASSES.
Before making me a part of the BNPS International family, they had a good conversation with my parents. From my childhood to my school life, to my dreams, they talked about everything. They built a personal bond with me and made me so comfortable that rather than being embarrassed by my speech impairment, I felt the confidence to work on it and pursue my dreams.

Today, I am in Australia pursuing a degree program here.

If you are someone who still thinks that language can be a barrier to your abroad dreams, BNPS International is there for you, they are not counsellors they are your Guardians.