“BNPS international was the best thing that happened to me and my career”

-Amrit Matharoo

  • India to Canada
  • Fleming College
  • 7.8 Band

“Amrit Matharoo Scored low in his B.Com, 52%. Multiple Consultancies refused his case on that ground.
Whereas we saw a dedicated student with dreams in his eyes, got his admission processed for
Fleming College, Canada and he received visa acceptance in (Months)”

Following her experience and journey in her own voice.

Hi, I am Amrit Matharoo and I am currently studying in Fleming college. I always had dreams to study abroad but
dreaming wasn’t enough. After completing my graduation, I tried to pursue my goals to settle abroad but kept failing
at it because of my low academic score. In my case at least I felt like all the agents and study abroad programs are
meant for high scoring students. As I faced a lot of rejections due to my low academic score. Every agency I went to
looked at my case with lost hopes. The options of colleges were limited and not accurate as per my needs, and that was one of the biggest reasons why my application was getting rejected, I guess.

How was your experience with the other consultants?
If I didn’t find BNPS International, I doubt I would have made it abroad. I am being really honest here. I was so fed up
with everything. I appreciate that everything was very systematic at BNPS International. Even before they gave me a list
of colleges, I had a pretty long and satisfying conversation with the Academic counsellor here. This was the first agency
talking to me like a student and asking what I dreamt my life to be instead of telling me that my scores are really low.
Afterwards, I had no confusion regarding the application process as my counsellors were around for me 24*7. They were patient and sought all my queries for which I am extremely grateful for.

Our five Step Process for you to study Abroad


B.I’s Need Assessment


Career Mapping with Global Guardian


Documentation & Offer Letter


Financial Planning & Visa filling


Orientation and post arrival support

Did you have any doubts about BNPS international before experiencing their services?
Yes, I did because of the experiences of my previous experiences with agencies. All I did was waste my money. But believe me when I say, BNPS international was the best thing that happened to me and my career. Their deep rooted care for us as students and the way they guided me ensured that I didn’t miss my dreams.
What else can you ask for as a confused student?